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Thicc Bowl +


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Kron Bowl

our best selling model

Kron Bowl is made from high quality white clay, it is our first manufactured and successful hookah bowl.

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Thicc bowl

The bowl that we manufactured and everybody liked it! After many tries we have manufactured the solid stoneware bowl with the 340 gr. of weight and beautiful design

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Presonalized bowls

We can personalize you bowl with your logo, name, brand logo and others. Please note that we need 1st to check out illustration that you want and then give you feed back that if we can make it!

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How to choose you bowl?

Thicc Bowl

The best bowl for blonde leaf flavours that holds 13 - 18 grams

Kron bowl

Suitable for blonde and dark leaf flavours.

Thicc Bowl +

The best bowl for dark leaf flavours that holds 13 - 18 grams

Personalised bowl

The fully personalized Thicc Bowl with your namem logo or anything else

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The 100% Stoneware Clay bowl